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Graphics News #18

May 10th, 2012 by Jetrel

I’ve been a bit remiss in posting these regularly, so here’s getting back into it: I’ve recently redrawn the cave tiles.

There were a number of haphazard bits to the old effort, probably the single biggest thing that was poorly improvised was the side-wall tiles, Cheap viagra discount which had stalagmites jutting out at an angle. I wasn’t yet comfortable enough with our crazy panoply of tile<->tile combinations to attempt continuous columns of stone that carried through from tile to tile, and instead tried to hide the tile transitions with organic noise. This time around, I’ve improved enough to grapple with that, so I’m able to make the tiles look much more like the basaltic columns I’d intended for them to Viagra online no prescription look like. (We’ve also moved to a more deliberate use of Order viagra cialis a small amount of perspective on the Proscar for sale upper surface of solid areas, so this change also incorporated that.)

Here is a series of before/after shots:

One Response to “Graphics News #18”

  1. Sleepy RyGuy says:

    Huge improvement. Damn your skills are so fineeeeee